of all the girls in the world, my dear, you are by far the WORST(!)

if you don't like the prices, make offers! i really just wanna get rid of this stuff, asap. so make an offer! if it doesn't sell at the price i want in a couple days, i'll probably give it to you for YOUR price. these prices include US shipping, so if you wanna know about other countries, ask, and i'll figure it out for you. also keep in mind that i have a full time college schedule, so i cannot always reply immediately. please be patient. anyways, comment to ask questions about measurements, additional pictures, etc, or to purchase!

keep in mind!
(1) i have a cat -just in case you're allergic...--
(2) i live with a mother who smokes [though this only really is an issue with clothing, and no one has ever smelled smoke on my clothing]-- 
(3) sorry about the pics, i don't have a digicam, these are all on my phone >_<.
(4) all items are being sold AS IS. i have done my best to describe them, so if you are unclear on anything please ask!
(5) if you want multiple items, let me know! i can and will discount on multiple items ordered, as prices listed include shipping.
(6) i can do trades, but only for very specific things: any steampunk/timepiece accessories, certain types of vintage clothing, certain DS/PSP games, Doctor Who merchandise, or DVD box sets (Tsubasa, FLCL, Chobits, Tudors, Robot Chicken, Squidbillies, etc.). feel free to ask, but for the most part i need the money FAR more than i need the things.

feedback below please!!

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